Hope in My Heart

Hope in My Heart is a collection of short, heartwarming stories with characters in need of hope.

In “Love Unexpected,” a car crash brings commitment-wary Sebastian and career woman Chandra together. Neither is looking for romance, but those around them see the potential, and Sebastian and Chandra discover that sometimes love shows up unexpectedly.

Christmastime is the setting for the middle story, “The Best Gift.” Christina desires to lose ten pounds so she can fit into her dress for her.....

"Hope in My Heart is a delightful read, giving you a quick dose of love and faith.  These short, heartwarming stories will renew your passion and hope for finding true love, and revitalize your faith in a loving and caring God."
~ Kimberly S. Terry, elementary school teacher

“Finally a read that is relatable. This novella is full of inspiration that truly warms the heart while encouraging your spirit, your hopes, and dreams. It perfectly subsumes the topics of family, faith, friendships, love, and career with a hint of humor.”
~ Victoria Jackson, DPT

“Congratulations to Alexis Goring for this collection of sweet, romantic stories. Perfect as a vacation or holiday read, these stories are uplifting, and offer the reader a lighthearted glimpse into the hopes and dreams of each character. From dealing with divorce, to landing the perfect job, these stories follow each character as they depend on God for the perfect ending.”
~ Deidra Riggs, speaker and writer, deidrariggs.com